Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

by hillaryshort

“Our real journey in life is interior;
It is a matter of growth, deepening,
and of an ever greater surrender
to the creative action of love and grace in our hearts.
Never was it more necessary to respond to that action”. Thomas Merton

As the christian calendar comes to a close, many Americans remain stagnant in regards to the people within their communities that are losing their jobs on a daily basis; and who also observe the 1% getting wealthier from this helplessness that rapidly traverses the country. I witness the dismay that poverty brings to the multitude of families who have lost their sense of hope. This upheaval of life, with nowhere to turn, is etched on the homeless faces in Bell’s Shelter, as these women and men struggle to smile as the carol singers harmoniously try to raise the resident’s spirits. I struggle to understand these dire circumstances, which manifests this inability to survive without charity. In my momentary pause, I know that every person in this shelter is no different from me, except for the fact that their lives are full of unkind circumstances. In that moment too, I remember the magical power of love and kindness for lifting their souls to a place where strength can once again bloom.
The power of love and kindness resides in all our hearts, and the reciprocation of love towards each other unites our souls to a higher plain.
This ability to love is subtly present within the food we make and eat. The childhood memories that surge through my heart and belly when I eat Shepherd’s pie, and the satisfaction I feel when I stick to my diet by consuming a bun-less burger with crispy Kale, unites the past with the present. Therefore these human connections to food sustain us in that urgency of necessary time to repair the soul from the inside out.
In this year of “less is more,” food plays a larger role in community responsibility. It is essential to make certain that no child or adult goes hungry. Gluttony is prevalent in our society, portions are too big. Meanwhile the crop growers are providing a less than substantial product and charging the consumer more money.
I urge you all to remember the importance of food and to be mindful of what we consume in the New Year.