Worthing Hospital, My Father & Pork Pie

by hillaryshort

My father and Uncle Paddy in brighter days

I am in Worthing, a seaside town in England. My parents live here and I spent the majority of my childhood here. My visit was sudden because my Father is gravelly ill in Worthing hospital. Americans have this fear that by nationalizing their medical system they will left to die without proper care. I can report, first hand that this isn’t so. My Father is in the High Dependency unit and has his own personal nurse on full monitors 24 hours a day. When we visit they are friendly, knowledgeable and kind.

The highlights of the day are food time. Every day I get a full report on every meal that he has eaten. God help the nurses if they forget his soup!! The food looks wholesome and smells good. Yesterday he had tomato soup, roast turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes and green beans and for desert he ate lemon mouse and ice cream. He inhales the food. I will follow up with a photo on another blog.

A pork pie

One of my favorite things to eat when I arrive in the UK is a pork pie. The pork is mashed with spices and is the fatty parts of the pig. It is covered with jelly and a thick pastry crust. Baked and supplied by all stores. A very popular item to have on the table for lunch, to be eaten cold with salad. As it is quite dry I like to eat chutney with mine. Not in the mood for a full report today. I will cover more on another day.