Welcome to my world!

by hillaryshort

It isn’t exciting or dramatic. I would define myself as a white middle class Brit, who grew up in a small seaside town on the south coast of England.  I have, however travelled extensively throughout my life. I was born in Tanzania, moved to England to go to a convent boarding school and then moved to America at the age of 20. I spent many years working as a nanny and personal assistant to high profile families. Today I am pursuing an English Literature degree whilst working as a personal chef. I will not be talking about my interesting friends or clients without their permission. But hopefully each one of them will be highlighted as we progress.

One of my attributes that friends appreciate is my resourcefulness in the city of Los Angeles. Having assisted many diverse people with powerful positions in their industries, I have gained a wealth of knowledge in many areas. My hopes are to graduate UCLA and to get into their PhD program, where I hope to study the emotions of food through literature.

These are a list of the books I currently have situated on my bed. That means that I am reading them and am interested in what they have to offer. Fiction – “Wolf Hall” by Hilary Mantel. This is an obvious choice because she won the Booker prize and it has been on many favorite books of the year lists. For me it is proving to be a slow read. I am only on page 70 – a month later. It is one of those books you can pick up when you like and absorb yourself in a well written book. It is a historical novel about Thomas Cromwell and doesn’t captivate me to rush through it. Cookbooks are always on my bed. Today I am captivated by Simon Rimmer’s “The Accidental Vegetarian”. As I sit here flicking through the pages, hoping that his recipes are as delicious as their pictures, I am deciding what to make today. My mood will predict that outcome.

The weather is in the seventies. I haven’t left the confines of my room today. It is 1:36pm and I have nowhere to be and no one  to see. It can be a lonely existence. Some days I feel that way and other days I am grateful to be single and without responsibilities. I live in a rent controlled apartment in Santa Monica with a room mate so financially I am pretty free too. But today I wish that I was needed somewhere, had something to create, that the phone would ring and a friendly voice would be on the other end asking me to dinner tonight. No, I don’t feel sorry for myself, I choose to live quietly today. So what meal will I choose?

Pumpkin enchilladas with mole sauce. Check back tomorrow for an update on whether it 1. Altered my mood. 2. Tasted as good as it sounds. Thanks to my friend Ruth Fowler, who published her memoir from the notoriety of a blog. She gave me the idea to add this idea.

The photo posted was sent by a client today. Her son is enjoying his apple whilst smiling at his mother. Food and a mother’s love are our primary needs when we are young. Thank you for the photo today. It inspired the menu choices I made for her family.